Foodborne illnesses: How they happen & how to prevent them

According to the FDA, there are 48 million illnesses, 128,000 hospitalizations, 1,000 reported outbreaks, & 3,000 deaths per year from foodborne illnesses.


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Hands on Hand Washing

Hand washing is a big concern in the food service industry, but the problem exists elsewhere, and it starts early.

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4 Quick Tips to Getting a Restaurant Job

Getting your first restaurant job is relatively easy. Restaurants are always looking to recruit fresh blood to
the dark side, but there are a few things you’ll have to prepare to really persuade a hiring
manager that you have enough of a backbone to handle the work.

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New Requirements in California for Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual harassment and abusive conduct training is a good thing, but couldn’t these regulations be a little more clear?

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How important is food safety training to your restaurant?

The United States has the safest food supply in the world. However, 48 million people still get sick each year from eating food. That means 1.5 people get sick from foodborne illness every minute in the US. 

According to the CDC, 120,000 people are hospitalized, and 3,000 of them die. This is detrimental to the food service industry because if consumers do not feel safe, they will not eat out. 

Dowload The Food Safety Tips Flyer For Your Restaurant

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Here is What's Cooking This Summer

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Is Your Restaurant in Compliance?

With so many moving parts in your restaurant, one dares to ask the dreaded question…Is your restaurant in compliance? Let’s find out!

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How to Get a Food Handlers Card?



If you work in the food service industry, you may already be familiar with the term "Food Handlers Card"

How to get a Food Handlers Card?

A food handlers card, also referred to as a certificate, license , or permit, is the documentation you get after passing a food handlers course. This card shows your manager and the local health department, that you know what it means to serve food safely to the public. 

Most food handler cards are valid for 2 to 3 years, depending on the state you live in

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3 How-Tos For Staffing Your Child Care Center


Managing permits, licenses and certifications for your daycare, preschool, or child care center staff? Get organized with simplified How-To's, and make your job easier.Get Your Childcare Staffing Guide

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Arizona Child Care Center Compliance: Expectation Versus Reality


The state of Arizona defines a child care center as a place where five (5) or more children receive care in exchange for compensation. Managing permits, licenses and certifications for your daycare, preschool, or child care center staff? Keep realistic expectations, and you will find the process a lot simpler.

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