Free food handlers training is not easy to find nor is it typically available through Food Safety training companies.

Our founder and CEO recognized the deficit over 10 years ago and wanted to make a change. It can be difficult for those working minimum wage jobs to pay their rent, let alone pay for a certification that is required for food service jobs in the state of Oregon, including many other states across the US.

With some thought and care, the eFoodHandlers Scholarship Program came to be. Our CEO decided that no one should be in a situation that keeps them from moving forward in their career due to personal financial situations. So, how do you get a free food handlers card through eFoodHandlers Scholarships? Here are the steps:

Step 1 – Head to our website

Click here to get to the eFoodHandlers Scholarship Program website.

Step 2 – Select a scholarship

We are able to provide our Basic Food Handler training at a discounted rate of just $5 to those that need their training and certificate immediately and cannot afford the typical price.

If you have the time and cannot afford the $5 training, we have a FREE 1-year Basic Food Handler Training and Certificate Program. Please note, this program request can take about 6 business days.

Step 3 – Choose your program & apply

After you have decided which scholarship program is right for you, you will click on one of the buttons below the program option. They look like this:

For the discounted, $5 Basic Food Handler Program
For the FREE 1-year Scholarship Basic Food Handler Program
Step 4 – Get approved & get started

Once you have either paid for the $5 discounted program or been approved for our FREE 1-year certificate program, you will be able to get started with your training.

We offer our scholarship programs because no one should be denied food safety training for education or career advancement purposes. We want Food Safety Training and education to be available to everyone and will continue to offer these services to whoever applies.

Need other training? We also have Food Manager and Alcohol Server training in addition to Business and School Accounts to help set your team up for training and compliance success!