We often look at the Food and Beverage Industry and see it defined by the most common careers within it: Waiters or Waitresses, Hosts, Chefs, Bussers, etc. But what about other food industry jobs?

Pastry Artist

There are so many careers in the food industry that people either forget about or are unaware of. Have you ever thought about who plans the meals for the intercontinental flights you are on? Or who works on the recipes that make up Clif Bars? We have put together a list of the most interesting food & beverage jobs that we could find to show you how many other options there really are. And yes, all of these positions likely require a Food Handler, Food Manager, or Alcohol Server Card, so you are on your way there!

Take a look below and see if any of them are of interest to you!

1Airline Chef
2Bread Maker
3Baker or Pastry Artist
4Banquets Chef
5Bed & Breakfast Owner
6Boutique Chef
7Cake Designer
9Cheese Maker
10Cooking Teacher
11College Dining Hall Chef
12Cookbook Author
13Cookbook Publisher
14Cookbook Reviewer
15Cottage Foods Chef
16Country Club or Lodge Chef
17Cruise-Ship Chef
18Culinary School Teacher
19Culinary Tour Guide
20Culinary TV Host
21Cupcake Creator & Designer
23Event Planner
24Firehouse Chef
25Food Critic
26Food Photographer
27Food Scientist
28Food Technologist
29Food Truck Owner & Chef
30Food Stylist
31High School Culinary Arts or Foods Teacher
32Honey Producer
33Hospital Chef
34Master Chef
35Menu Designer
36Military Chef
38Personal Chef
39Private Plane Chef
40Public School Kitchen Chef
41Recipe Developer
42Recipe Tester
43Recipe Writer
44Research Chef
45Restaurant Consultant
46Restaurant Owner
47Retirement Home Chef
48Seed Scientist
50Tea & Coffee Shop Owner

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