Culinary classrooms across the nation will be competing in a Cookbook Competition for the First Place Prize of $500 in new cooking essentials for their classroom in January 2020.

And this is just one of the efforts eFoodSchools has made to ensure that students and teachers continue to have the Culinary resources they need for their classrooms and students.

eFoodHandlers has made it its mission to provide individuals, businesses, non-profits and schools with high-quality training programs since it’s inception in 2009. The President and Founder of eFoodHandlers made the company’s mission simple, impactful and intentional: education should be accessible to all, no matter the cost.


Through the years the eFoodSchools program has grown exponentially reaching over 100,000 students nationwide providing free Basic Food Handlers Training Programs for Secondary, Post-Secondary and College level classes. This free program allows students to go through an hour and a half online course, take practice tests, take an exam, and print an ANSI-Accredited Certificate upon passing and completion.

Not only does this certificate allow students to take Culinary Arts 2 or Food Sciences 2 in school, but it also gives them a leg up in the Food & Beverage industry. Many restaurants have told students that they will hire a job applicant with a Basic Food Handlers Certificate over one without. Our students have even received pay increases at their places of work due to having their Basic Food Handler Certificate. Who wouldn’t want that for their students?

But, the thing that sets eFoodHandlers and eFoodSchools apart from their competitors is the heart and care that goes into their programs. Being a family run business whose foundation was ensuring everyone had access to these programs and training regardless of if they couldn’t afford it, matters. Our COO (left), School Program Director (center), and our Enterprise Account Executive (right), in the photo above, recently attended the National ACTE Career Expo in Los Angeles, CA to represent the company and the incredible program they provide. They wanted to ensure that the word was out to people across the nation that they are here to help.

eFoodSchools is committed to its affordable training for schools and has no intention of changing its ways. In fact, more tools and resources are on the horizon. eFoodSchools is hoping to see an increase in free and paid resources for teachers and classrooms in 2020!

So, keep your eyes peeled, spread the word, and let them know if you have any questions about their school-based programs. They are here to help you teach and make sure students and individuals are set up for the most success.

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